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Exercises to Lose Your Stomach Fat

It seems that nowadays every other week there is some new piece of equipment coming out on the market that promises to help you lose your stomach fat. As you might suspect these get six pack abs
gadgets are not enough alone to lose your fat stomach. What they do is they build muscles in your abs but they do nothing to reduce your fat in your stomach so your fat will be covering up your abs. It has been proven time and time again that spot training just does not work. In order to lose your stomach fat you can not just focus on this one area you need a whole body workout. In this article I will explore the best exercises to get rid of stomach fat quickly.

The number one exercise to get rid of stomach fat and for good health is cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises or cardio for short are exercises that get your heart rate up. These exercise would include walking, running, swimming, jumping rope or any other exercise that increases your heart rate. This increased heart rate will not only burn many calories but will also help to speed up your metabolism. As you continue to do cardio for at least a half hour everyday you will begin to see the fat just melting away.

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After cardio we rank pilates as the next best thing to lose your stomach fat. Pilates is a program that was developed by Joseph Pilates that focuses on breathing techniques with stretching using a mat or equipment. Pilates is an excellent program that really focuses on your stomach and butt regions. One of the best exercises in the pilates system to lose your stomach fat is called The Hundred. You do this exercise on a mat.

How to do the hundred:

Lie on your back with both knees bent and together, above and near your chest. Your feet are slightly higher than your knees. Inhale and exhale a couple of times to prepare your abdominals for the next step.

Inhale and reach your straightened arms up into the air, then reach them over your head, almost touching the mat. Exhale and lower your arms so that they are just above the mat on either side of your hips. Keep your head on the mat for now. (Allow your spine to curve naturally and do not try to press your vertebrae into the mat.)

Pump your arms rhythmically and gently up and down, right next to your hips, as if your are patting water. Keep the arms straight and the fingers together and reaching. Inhale every four or five pumps, then exhale in the same manner. Count each arm pump as one. Practice and you will soon be able to pump and breathe to one hundred

As you can tell these are just a couple of exercises to lose your stomach fat. You will also want to include a good diet plan to really start melting away the fat. The best diet to get rid of stomach is balance of lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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